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Migrate from legacy
PKI solutions

The solution based on Indeed CM replaces legacy CMS with a modern system for centralized PKI management

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There is no stopping progress, and the market keeps coming up with more advanced IT solutions: new versions of operating systems, application software with enhanced functionality, and innovative hardware products. There is no stopping progress, and the market keeps coming up with more advanced IT solutions: new versions of operating systems, application software with enhanced functionality, and innovative hardware products.

Yet, most companies remain loyal to outdated software and do not even plan to migrate to new solutions. They may do so for a number of reasons – they may find it hard to give up on their habits or consider the new systems too sophisticated, hard to use, or inefficient.

While usability and efficiency of old vs. new products is a matter of debate (since these categories are largely subjective), information security is a factor that cannot be treated lightly. What is meant here is not just embedded security functions of a given software product, but its overall resilience to cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to develop an IT solution without a single vulnerability: a new vulnerability is bound to be discovered sooner or later, and it can only be eliminated by the developer who should promptly release a relevant update.

Integration with new software and hardware may prove even more challenging. It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to face an unsolvable task and one day discover that their new software is not compatible with their outdated products, and the developer no longer offers technical support or updates.

Even today, most companies continue to use SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) for managing their public key infrastructure, disregarding the fact that this system is severely outdated and no longer supported.

On top of glaring cyber security threats, abandonware in PKI management is bound to face a number of limitations in the future. New models of smart cards will be released, new algorithms introduced, new third-party software and operating systems deployed – and in the end, your out-of-date software will no longer be able to support new technology.

If you want to avoid this situation, your best choice would be to migrate to a different PKI Management product that is being supported and regularly updated by the developer.

If you want to replace the old PKI system that you have grown so accustomed to, what you are looking for is a full-featured high-quality alternative.

Now, SafeNet Authentication Manager is at the core of your public key and electronic signature infrastructure and its management. Smart card and USB token models have been specifically selected to match it. It is integrated with your client and server operating systems, user directories, and certificate authorities. The product package includes relevant guidelines, regulations, and protocols.

The following aspects are essential for successful migration to new PKI software:

  • Stability and continuity of functional features
  • Ease of use of the new system
  • Smooth migration to the new PKI product without disrupting the business process

Here are a few reasons why the Indeed Certificate Manager (Indeed CM) platform is an ideal modern alternative to SafeNet Authentication Manager:

  • Supports the same protocols, operating systems, hardware, and software.
  • Capable of addressing all your existing business tasks.
  • Has a similar architecture and deployment scheme.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and more efficient management and self-service tools.
  • Supports smooth migration scenarios.
  • Offers additional functionality.
  • Comes with guaranteed technical support and updates.

Indeed Certificate Manager has the following additional features as compared to SafeNet Authentication Manager:

  • A wide range of smart cards and USB tokens:
    • Approximately 30 out-of-the-box smart card types from multiple vendors
    • More than 90 additional smart card types when using Cryptovision sc/interface

  • Easy replacement of failed smart cards (including remote work scenarios).
  • Extended privileges allowing the users to manage their own smart cards.
  • Integration with Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solutions via a built-in API.
  • Tools for creating new roles and setting up granular access rights.
  • Modular, hardware-independent architecture enabling almost limitless opportunities for scaling and expanding the system functionality.
  • Hotline
  • Web tools
  • Interactive remote assistance (TeamViewer, AnyDesk)
  • On-site support (business trips)
  • Dedicated support expert
  • Support available 24/7
  • Functional adjustments at your request

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