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The Indeed Identity company is the leader by the number of product implementations in its market segment. We quickly respond to unique customer requests and our product line is being constantly developed and enhanced.

Customer needs
The importance of informational systems for contemporary business is increasing rapidly. The systems accumulate a significant amount of business-critical information. The number of users, accessing these systems, is also rising constantly. In these conditions, organization of secure and efficient access to the systems and data is an everyday task for any company.
Growing market
The systems of corporate resource access centralized management are already implemented and actively used by a number of large companies. However, many hundreds of thousands of workplaces are yet to be automated. These conditions provide for unique opportunities for business growth of system integrators, that invest in this aspect of their business.
Reliable solution
Our products incorporate the experience and competence of the experts, who work in this industry for more than 10 years. The successful implementation and everyday operation of our systems at tens of thousands of workplaces confirm the quality of solutions, used for design, development and testing of our products.

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