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Use cases

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Industry: Manufacturing

Region: Belgium


The customer looked for two-factor authentication of the factory workers. The solution should have been suitable for the production sites and be easy-to-use by blue collars. The hybrid smart cards containing RFID tags and digital certificates fit into a complex scenario, and Indeed Certificate Manager has become a platform for managing the cards and providing user authentication

Implementation results:

  • The solution is fully suitable for user authentication in a large manufacturing environment.
  • Access to corporate resources is protected by two-factor authentication.
  • The PKI is managed effectively.

Industry: Transport

Region: Russian Federation


The airport wanted to implement two-factor authentication of the employees who do not have a constant workstation and have to circulate around the airport premises. Indeed Identity provided the airport with common access terminals (or kiosks) equipped with a hand-vein scanner and smart card reader. Such a solution perfectly addresses the challenge when fast authentication is required for streams of employees.

Implementation results:

  • Centralized two-factor authentication system was implemented for common access terminals.
  • Airport employees enjoy pass-through (Single Sign-On) authentication in multiple business applications
  • Contactless biometrics and RFID cards are used for user authentication.

Industry: Information Technology

Region: Turkey


The customer wanted to determine the list of allowed and forbidden SSH commands and confirm opening privileged sessions by the PAM administrator. The company required full control and visibility over privileged users. Also, it faced a challenge of migrating from existing PAM solution to Indeed PAM.

Implementation results:

  • Indeed PAM restricts and allows privileged users’ activities as required by the customer’s needs.
  • To open privileged sessions it is required to get PAM administrator’s approval.
  • The customer has full visibility over the actions of critical IT users.

Industry: Finance

Region: Slovenia


The customer searched for a smart card management system that would provide modern tools for managing digital certificates and notifying infrastructure administrators about certain system events. The customer also required visibility over complex PKI processes. Indeed Certificate Manager and its Dashboard could address the described tasks.

Implementation results:

  • The digital certificates are automatically managed on the basis of PKI usage policy mechanisms.
  • The Dashboard shows all the relevant information about the PKI condition.
  • Administrators stay informed about events connected with the usage of digital certificates.

Industry: Oil & gas

Region: Singapore, Switzerland


Being an international company with multiple offices worldwide, the customer required to automate the account of smart cards and USB tokens and to track certificate validity terms. Also, the company wanted to equip its employees with user-friendly self-service to reduce the workload of the IT department. Indeed CM came to the rescue.

Implementation results:

  • An account of the company’s smart cards and USB-tokens is performed by Indeed CM.
  • Indeed CM self-service allows users to independently perform a number of operations without increasing the workload on the IT department.
  • Digital certificates are timely updated.

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