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The Indeed Identity company is the leader by the number of product implementations in its market segment. We quickly respond to unique customer requests and our product line is being constantly developed and enhanced.

We provide the following for our partners who promote our system:

  • Employee training and support for effective pre-sale and technical demonstrations
  • Materials for persentations and support for preparation of tender and other documentation
  • Regular information support and cooperative participation in exhibitions
  • Any number of webinars for potential customers
  • Provision of demostrations stands, based on our resources, to the customers
  • Access to ever-growing knowledge base on pre-sale, implementation and support of the system
  • Significant discounts for partners

Technological partnership

  • Integration of authentication technologies into the Indeed Identity system
  • Development of complex software and hardware solutions employing partner authentication technologies
  • Distribution of authentication devices and technologies via our own channels and partner channels

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