Contrôle total et suivi de l'utilisation
de comptes privilégiés

Notre logiciel donne à votre entreprise le contrôle de l'utilisation des comptes privilégiés, conserve la confidentialité de tous les mots de passe administratifs et fournit des enregistrements vidéo et texte de sessions privilégiées
priveleged access manager
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Indeed Identity’s innovative approach towards designing its whole product portfolio as a highly modular open application platform allows the customers to pick and choose the modules as needed and grow in the future as their business needs expand. Even out of the box, Indeed Certificate Manager provides comprehensive yet convenient management capabilities for both administrators and end users.
KuppingerCole Report
X Infotech
Since approximately 5 years now I‘m working with Indeed Identity quite successfully. First as my vendor client and next as a trusted innovative software partner. Now we are re-selling Indeed Identity software as a Distributor for the EU and beyond.
Michael Bürger
Founder & Sales Partner at EU-HUB Network
Customers get the best of both worlds - the world-class cybersecurity products of Indeed Identity and the experience and expertise of the local cybersecurity landscape of Pointwest
Leo Querubin
Executive Director for Business Development of Pointwest Technologies Corporation
As a result of the long-term laboratory tests and studies that we conducted, we believe that Indeed Identity products should certainly be on the Turkish market. When we compare Indeed Identity products with similar products, we can safely say that they contain much more different features and are more inclusive.
Volkan Duman
Information Technologies General Manager at vMind
X Infotech
Indeed Identity is the company of professionals in the field of information security. They provide top-level solutions for PKI management and access control to corporate resources. We recommend this company as a reliable partner.
Sergey Yeliseyev
X-Infotech Owner, Business Development Director, Government eID solutions
Indeed Identity est la société de professionnels opérant dans le domaine de la sécurité de l’information. Ils fournissent des solutions haut de gamme pour la gestion de l’infrastructure à clé publique et le contrôle d’accès aux ressources de l’entreprise. Nous vous recommandons cette société en tant que partenaire fiable.
Michael Lisnevsky
Propriétaire de X-Infotech, directeur du développement
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