Indeed Enterprise Single Sign‑On

This technology allows for employee access to all the corporate IT systems without multiple credentials input.

Main tasks

  • Strong and enhanced authentication of access to applications
  • Pass-through authentication in applications
  • Strong and pass-through authentication in terminal mode (Remote Desktop, VDI, Citrix)
  • Logging of administrator and user activities

Supported apllication platforms

Indeed Enterprise SSO can be used for implementation of access both to "out of the box" applications, and to custom applications. The following platforms are supported:

  • Windows applications
  • Java applications
  • .Net applications
  • Web applications, using the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox

Supported authentication technologies

  • Biometrics:
    • Fingerprint
    • Palm vein pattern
  • RFID cards:
    • Mifare
    • EM Marin
    • HID Prox
    • HID iClass etc
  • Smart cards and USB tokens:
    • Indeed AirKey
    • CryptoPro AirKey
    • Gemalto
    • eToken
    • JaCarta
    • Esmart
    • Rutoken etc.
  • One-time passwords:
    • SMS
    • OTP tokens
    • Smartphone application

Multi-factor authentication

Indeed Enterprise SSO allows for implementation of various multi-factor user authentication scenarios. All the supported technologies can be arranged in any combination. For example, you can authenticate users by fingerprint and contactless smart card, smart card and OTP etc.

Integration into Identity Management System

Indeed ESSO supports integration into identity lifecycel and user account privilege management systems. The integration allows for automatic creation of Indeed ESSO user access profile with required parameters. Currently, integration modules for the following systems are implemented:

  • IBM Tivloi Identity Manager
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

Integration into Card Management System

Integration to Card Management System allows for interconnection of smart card and token lifecycle to user accounts. The media, issued for an employee in the CMS, is automatically registerd in the Indeed ESSO database. Currently, integration modules for the following systems are implemented:

  • Indeed Card Management
  • SafeNet Authentication Manager
  • JaCarta Management System

Integration into Indeed Identity products

  • Indeed Enterprise Authentication
  • Indeed Card Management
  • Indeed AirKey

Our products

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This technology allows for employee access to all web applications without multiple credentials input.

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