Indeed Enterprise Single Sign‑On

This technology allows for employee access to all the corporate IT systems without multiple credentials input.

Indeed ESSO components

  • Indeed Enterprise SSO Agent
  • Indeed Enterprise Server
  • Indeed Enterprise SSO Admin Console

Indeed Enterprise Single Sign-On component scheme

Indeed Enterprise SSO Agent

This is the client side software installed to user workstation. When operating, ESSO Agent requests a list of systems and credentials that constitute the employee's personal access profile, from the Indeed Enterprise Server. As soon as the employee launches an application that requires username and password, the ESSO Agent intercepts the application registration form, hides it from the user and automatically fills in the required data (username and password, obtained from the server). Then the Agent controls the procedure of access to the application environment. The system event log registers the fact of successful or failed access attempt.

Indeed Enterprise Server

This is the core component of Indeed Enterprise SSO. The server provides for centralized storage and protection of user data, carries out the employee authentication procedure, using supported methods. The server also carries out receiving and processing of requests from ESSO Agent or Administrator Console. The server guarantees that user profile data is available from any PC within organization. The server also allows the administrator to create, modify or block user profile and access parameters of an employee (or group of employees), and make global changes to the system.

Indeed Enterprise SSO Admin Console

This is the component installed onto administrator workstation. Using the console, administrators manage the system settings, parameters and rules of user access to applications, rules of random password generation etc.

Integration of Indeed Enterprise SSO into target systems

Indeed Enterprise SSO allows the adjustment for any type of application without interfering with the server or client part of the target application. Implementation of support for a new application means just a creation of a special template, which is written using the internal Indeed Enterprise SSO language of script type. This language permits to define, what application forms are to be reacted for and what this reaction should be. The Indeed Enterprise SSO reaction can be a repeated request of user authentication, filling in the fields with registration data (for instance, username, password), pressing the required controls (e.g., Enter button), registering of the event in the audit log etc.

Audit and reporting

All the events of the Indeed Enterprise SSO system are stored in the centralized log of Windows Event Log format. The log registers the date, time, user name, Active Directory account name, target system account name, account usage fact, facts of authentication at target systems etc.

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