Indeed Enterprise Authentication

Replacing passwords by strong, multi-factor authentication, automatic execution of privacy policies, access audit.

Licensing procedure

Indeed Enterprise Authentication (Indeed EA) uses two types of licenses:

  • CAL (Client Access License)
    This licence allows Indeed EA to be employed by one user. The number of Indeed EA user accounts is licensed. The number of licenses can be increased by additional license purchase.
  • CL (Connector License)
    This license allows for using additional functionality of server or client Indeed EA software, such as integration into AMCS, Identity Management and other systems. For integration into several software products of third party vendors you have to purchase corresponding CL licenses for each of the third party systems.

License validity term

Not limited

Free service period

Initial purchase of Indeed EA includes the free service period. The duration of the period is twelve months since the date of license purchase.

Service procedures

Indeed EA service consists of the following base elements:

  • implementation and scaling of the Indeed EA products on the concerted number of workstations
  • delivery and updating of all purchased Indeed EA components to the latest version during the whole term of the service agreement
  • delivery of any authentication technology providers available at Vendor's
  • custom-tailored development of Indeed EA products
  • technical support

The technical support consists of the following components:

  • tlimination of Indeed EA product operation inconsistencies
  • support hotline (phone, Skype)
  • development of detailed instructions on Indeed EA product update procedures
  • service request to resolve critical issues
  • customer employee training
  • access to Knowledge bases
  • access to project management system for efficient interoperation with support service and tracking of all activities related to Indeed EA product support

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