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Why Indeed Identity?
Why Indeed Identity? Partners
growing customer needs
In modern business, the importance of information systems is growing at a tremendous rate. The systems accumulate a significant amount of information important for business, the number of users connecting to them is constantly growing. In such circumstances, organizing safe and effective access to systems and data is a daily necessity for any company.
growing market
Systems of centralized access to corporate resources have already been implemented and are actively used by a number of large companies. However, many hundreds of thousands of workplaces are still not secured. The number of applications that are used by an employee during the day is growing every year. The need for a combination of secure access, enhanced authentication, and easier interaction is obvious. This is achieved by such modules of the solution as SSO, IIS and many others.
reliable solutions
Our products have been improving for more than 10 years, absorbing the experience and competence of specialists who analyze, develop and support authentication, access control and PKI solutions. The successful implementation and daily operation of our solutions in hundreds of thousands of workplaces confirm its quality and demand.
tech support of your sales team
We try to make work with partners as effective as possible. Everyone should do what he knows best! Our partners generate leads, we do the rest. Lead webinar-pilot project-contract. This is the standard sales cycle of our solutions. Technical support throughout the sales cycle is our task!
We understand that our partners spend time, effort and resources trying to attract interest in our solutions. We're ready to share the costs! We are ready to reimburse our partners at the pre-sale stage, even if the contract is not concluded.
Our partnerships’ conditions are much better than the conditions of other vendors. We are glad to share our income. We would like to propose to our partners discounts up to 50 %. Our partnership does not end with a contract. We continue to cooperate with the partner throughout the time customers use our solutions. Technical support brings income not only to us, but also to our partners.
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