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Caterpillar is one of the leading corporations producing the world’s largest special vehicles. At some of the production facilities, there are machines controlled from workstations (domain joined PC).
Each worker has his/her own user account and has to log into the workstations using domain logins and passwords. Usually, blue-collars entered their login credentials only when accessing the machines. Guess what? Yes, they used to forget passwords which automatically increased IT department’s workload and lowered employees’ productivity.

It was obvious that the system needed to be upgraded. Indeed Access Manager came to help. It significantly simplified the login process by replacing passwords authentication with employee’s automatic identification and verification by personal building pass. What is more, information security was remarkably enhanced.

Being among leaders is easy if you secure your company with Indeed Identity.
Information technologies are constantly becoming more diverse which inevitably puts our private data under high risks. No company wants data leakage, but what is done to prevent such a situation? Some hope for a miracle. The most forward-thinking choose Indeed Access Manager, a strong and multi-factor authentication, and Domodedovo International Airport is one of them.
Thanks to Indeed AM Single Sign-On, 10 000 airport workers securely and easily access corporate resources using biometrics and an employee pass. The system of strong authentication releases workers from responsibility to remember unreliable passwords, keep them secret and manually enter them to log into the system. It increases work efficiency, strengthens information security and reduces the number of calls to the help desk service to restore forgotten passwords. Only imagine how much time and effort Indeed AM saves!
Airport shared terminals (kiosks) are used by a large number of employees so switching between working sessions must be reliable and quick. Indeed Access Manager is capable of responding to this challenge as well. To maximize usability, RFID cards and palm vein scanners are used.
Proven and secure authentication or data breach – the choice is yours.
Complying with the PCI DSS requirements might seem a bank’s nightmare. Multi-factor authentication is one of the mandatory steps on the long road of being up to the Standard. Armswissbank, a private and investment bank in Armenia, entrusted Indeed ID to be the sole provider of the solution for multi-factor authentication.
There were three main tasks that needed to be done:
  • to comply with the PCI DSS standard for user authentication;
  • to secure access to the company’s information systems;
  • to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to critical business applications.
Indeed Access Manager and Single Sign-On successfully and completely answered these questions. As Indeed Access Manager is capable of supporting a wide range of authentication technologies, Armswissbank could freely choose the desired method. Now it uses fingerprint scanners FS-80 as the second authentication factor.
With Indeed Access Manager, Armswissbank reaped the following benefits:
  • It became compliant with the PCI DSS requirements
  • It succeeded in solving the password usage problems
  • It significantly reduced the costs of maintaining the infrastructure
  • It enhanced the information security.
No secret that password policy has nothing to do with cybersecurity. The information security department of the Belarusbank, the largest commercial bank in Belarus, was perfectly aware that passwords like “qwerty123456” would eventually lead to data breaches.
By choosing Indeed Access Manager, the Belarusbank wanted to forget a headache connected with:
  • A big number of different passwords required to enter business applications;
  • Daily employees’ inquiries to reset forgotten/lost passwords;
  • Regulator’s complaints regarding ineffective and insecure password policy;
  • Effect of recorded passwords – when employees put down passwords on paper and stick it to the table or under the keyboard;
  • Passwords transfer between the employees.
Answering the bank’s request, Indeed Access Manager was customized to implement the following scenario: by using biometric authentication, a responsible employee approves the subordinate’s actions while completing financial and other operations.
Here is a list of the results that the Belarusbank obtained:
  • Indeed Single Sign-on technology – pass-through authentication – grants access to all the business applications in one secure click;
  • A user authenticates by a smart card and biometrics;
  • Passwords are changed in accordance with a set scenario and are unknown to a user;
  • Compliance: there are no more regulator’s complaints;
  • Administrators do not waste time and effort to reset passwords.
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