Indeed Card Management

Certificate key media management and recording, key information backup, user self-service, automation of operations with several CA.

Main tasks

Indeed CM allows for performing all the task related to implementation of public key infrastructure on the enterprise level:

  • Key media lifecycle management
  • Logging and audit of administrator and user actions involving key media
  • Automation of user certificate management processes
  • Key information backup
  • Provision of the self-service environment to the employees for the latter to perform the main task of key media usage more efficiently and quickly

Support of smart cards from various vendors

  • Indeed AirKey and CryptoPro AirKey smart cards
  • ID Prime smart cards by Gemalto company
  • eToken USB keys and smart cards by SafeNet company
  • ePass USB keys by Feitian company
  • JaCarta USB-keys and smart cards by Aladdin RD company
  • AvestKey USB keys by Avest company
  • ESMART USB keys and smart cards by ISBC company

All the supported media can be used within a single infrastructure. The solution architecture is designed so that a new key media could be promptly supported.

Support of the most popular Certification Authorities

  • Microsoft CA
  • CryptoPro CA

Support of these CA allows for flexible implementation of Indeed CM within infrastructures using both GOST encryption algorithms and RSA cryptography

Easy interaction between the end user and the system

Indeed CM development uses the cutting edge technologies and pays special attention to system user needs. Therefore, a comfortable and efficient mechanism for interaction with the system can be provided to all the participants. Indeed CM Web Application is equipped with the modern, user-friendly and functional user interface, which adapts itself to the user device screen. So, the system is equally comfortable to use from either desktop PC or tablet PC, as well as smartphone.

Integration to Indeed Enterprise Authentication & Indeed Enterprise SSO

Indeed CM integration to Indeed AM logical access management system allows for interconnection of smart card and token lifecycle to user accounts. When issuing or assigning a new key media, an administrator can configure the employee access profile for applications (Single Sign-On profile). As a result, an employee already has everything he or she needs for working, immediately after receiving the key media from the administrator. Thus, the Indeed CM console is the single point of managing key media, certificate and password lifecycles. This significantly facilitates the procedures of granting and obtaining access to network and applications.

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