Indeed Card Management

Certificate key media management and recording, key information backup, user self-service, automation of operations with several CA.

Indeed CM components

  • Indeed CM Server
  • Indeed CM Event Log
  • Indeed CM Database
  • Indeed CM Credential Provider
  • Indeed CM Runtime Environment
  • Indeed CM Connectors

Indeed CM component scheme

Indeed CM Server

This is the core component of Indeed CM infrastructure. It is a web application, operating in the Internet Information Services (IIS) server environment. Indeed CM Server provides for centralized managing of the system users, card repository and security policies.

Indeed CM Event Log

This is the Indeed CM event log. The system records all the events related to smart card lifecycle and system parameter changes. The log viewing, report generation and print are performed in Indeed CM Server. For any system event, a email notification can be configured to be sent to certain administrator or user.

Indeed CM User Directory

Indeed CM supports the following user directories:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • CryptoPro CA 1.5
  • CryptoPro CA 2.0

Indeed CM Connectors

This is a module library for integration of Indeed CM into external systems. These modules allow for responding to Indeed CM events and performing scheduled tasks in the connected systems.

Indeed CM Database

Indeed CM supports the following databases:

  • SQL database
  • Microsoft Active Directory (no scheme extension required)

Indeed CM Runtime Environment

This is the client side software installed to administrator and user workstations. Indeed CM Runtime Environment allows for performing operations, requiring an access to a smart card: new card registration, card issuing, certificate issuing etc.

Indeed CM Credential Provider

This is a client module, that makes it possible for the user to suspend a smart card without authentication in the operating system.

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