Secure authentication in your pocket – meet newest release of Indeed Key 2.1

When it comes to multi-factor authentication, any cybersecurity officer knows – usability is a must step toward users’ acceptance of the technology. The product will be ignored if it is not user-friendly. 

Here is where Indeed Key comes to the rescue. It is a mobile application that transforms a smartphone into an easy-to-use security tool for authentication. It can be used for access to all enterprise resources: email, VPN, web-applications, PC, etc. 

In our releases, we always follow the latest cybersecurity trends and adapt products for the new needs of the cybersecurity community. Some of the latest additions to Indeed Key are the following:

  1. We’ve added the possibility to protect access to the application with device biometry or passcode.
  2. We’ve added support for OTP for Indeed Key authenticators.
  3. The user interface was redesigned.

Now Indeed Key supports three types of authentication methods:

  1. Push authentication — user receives push notification to approve sign-in request.
  2. Indeed Key one-time password — this method can be used in case of problems with push delivery.
  3. OATH TOTP — for OTP generation for third-party services.

Additionally, for push and Indeed Key OTP administrator can require users to get through smartphone authentication. In this case, before approving a sign-on request or getting OTP code, the user has to provide smartphone passcode or biometry.

You can find the applications in:

If you’d like to check Indeed Key in action, click the button below and request a product demonstration.