Make PKI automation and its multiple benefits a part of your enterprise life

In the era of fast-spreading digitalization, everything requires automation, and PKI is not an exception. Each year, large enterprises with distributed infrastructure require more and more digital certificates, smart cards and smart card readers, operators and administrators of Certificate Authorities. Simultaneously, it results in the growing costs of PKI maintenance. 

Modern smart card management systems come to the rescue as they help to reduce the expenses and automate a number of work processes. Here is the list of operations that you can automate by deploying advanced Indeed Certificate Manager:

1. You can track empty and issued to users smart cards. The feature gives understanding on how many and what type of devices there are in the organization. Also, Indeed CM can add hundreds and thousands of smart cards in a bulk mode. The infrastructure administrators always know where and what type of cards is used and can plan the procurement of new cards. Yes, it’s that easy to keep records of the company’s smart cards.

2. You can search for certificates and take them under control. No certificates will be left unnoticed because Indeed CM can find certificates issued at a different time and by different Certificate Authorities on the users’ smart cards and in the repository. It allows controlling the certificates’ state and expiration date.

3. You can perform operations with smart cards. Smart cards’ renewing, revoking and unblocking is a daily and time-consuming routine of PKI operators. Indeed CM becomes a tool that saves employees’ efforts and performs various actions. For example, it revokes smart cards and certificates of dismissed employees, renews the content of the smart cards and provides mechanisms for unblocking the users’ PIN code. 

You can control the usage of smart cards. What obsolete CMS cannot offer without third-party expensive software can be done by the means of a sophisticated CMS. Indeed CM Client Agent allows not only performing tasks on the smart cards (renewing, unblocking and wiping) but also tracking who connected to a workstation and with what smart card. If the usage rights are violated (for example, unregistered user tries to connect or the smart card belongs to another user), the Agent can automatically block the PIN code of the connected smart card and block the users’ Windows session or perform these two operations simultaneously. The Admin will be informed about the incident by special email notification and all the incident details will be logged. Enhanced cybersecurity and automated PKI – you can hit these two goals with one shot. 

4. You can integrate CMS with third-party systems. Frequently companies widely using PKI face the task of publishing the certificates to different services: LDAP catalogues, databases, mobile devices. Or on the contrary, there are scenarios that require to perform operations with the certificates on the third-party side. For example, while the user is on vacation, to pause the certificate validity by the signal of the HR system. To fully enjoy the fast and easy integration with third-party software, Indeed CM has its own API. Such bundle significantly extends the scenarios where Indeed CM can automate PKI processes and allows managing the certificates and smart cards issued with the help of Indeed CM by third-party applications.

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