Video: “PAM is a key driver to have a compliant and secure environment”

The growing importance of implementing privileged access management at the corporate level is noted by leading cybersecurity analytics. They mention that “by 2024, organizations that use privileged task automation features will experience 70% fewer breaches than those that don’t.”

The question of whether to have PAM in place is solved. If you want to have a stable business future, PAM is required. However, the selection of PAM is a complex process that can be confusing if you do not know where to start. To help you better understand this topic, Indeed Identity made an interview with Mr. Cihan Salihoglu, cybersecurity Director at Mastercard Advisors. Having over 15 years of professional experience, he served many companies of various sizes operating globally to improve their data protection and cybersecurity posture.

With cybersecurity investments, we pave the way for resilient future of the company

Cihan Vehbi Salihoglu, cybersecurity Director at Mastercard Advisors

Watch the video podcast to learn from his vast expertise and find answers to the following questions: how to understand that you require PAM? What are the hidden spots that most customers cannot see when selecting a PAM vendor?