Indeed PAM in KuppingerCole Executive View: a well designed and easy to deploy platform

Privileged management use cases now extend across entire organizations, with users requiring task-based and workflow access to data, services, and applications held on legacy systems and multi-cloud-based infrastructures. And, of course, admins still need to perform those traditional privileged tasks. This change explains why PAM software, in general, has developed in the last few years. Both new and traditional vendors have responded well to demands for more advanced PAM capabilities suitable for the modern computing era.

Indeed Identity has been developing cutting-edge solutions which help companies through their journey to security and digitalization since 2011. Our Privileged Access Manager is a considerably young product which has already proved to be a reliable IT security solution for many companies around the world. We are constantly developing our products to make sure that our clients have modern instruments that help them to be the industry front runners.

KuppingerCole analyst Paul Fisher provided his analysis of Indeed PAM in Executive View. He shares a product overview, strengths, and challenges, for companies to make an informed decision. As one of the strengths he refers to “the up-to-date UX and dashboarding are among the best designed in the PAM sector”.

In this report he also gives his opinion about PAM market tendencies in general and shares his ideas on why there is a place for smaller players now more than ever.

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