Indeed Certificate Manager 5.4

Indeed Certificate Manager is a developing system.

As the software suite is in demand with many companies, an individual configuration of its components is a must.

The latest release contains functionality addons that are in demand by system users. This version increases the number of automatic processes, simplifies the system administration and makes it possible to adapt it to the company needs. The current release also comprises support of new devices and Microsoft’s virtual smart card technology. 

The list of changes in Indeed CM 5.4 is given below:

Smart card tagging

Smart card can now be grouped by any attribute in order to optimize the search for required one. The mechanism is implemented via adding tags to the smart card.

Tags are created in the corresponding Configuration section. Tag number for a smart card is not limited.

Tracking of user data change in directory

User data is now automatically updated in the certificate. In case the user has certificate issued by Microsoft CA, the system initiates the certificate update process, if data in Active Directory is changed.

New reason of device revocation

The “Revocation reason” field should reflect the actual situation. If the smart card is not lost or damaged but there is a ground to suppose that its PIN code is known to some malicious person, then the card should be revoked with “Card compromise” reason. If this reason is selected, all the certificates on the cmart card are forced to revoke.

Other changes:

  • E-mail notification intervals can now be configured.
  • E-mail notification is sent on common certificate expiration.
  • The data on print date and initiator is added to certificate and certificate print templates.
  • Gemalto IDPrime smart cards are now supported.
  • HID C1150 and C1300 smart cards are now supported.
  • Virtual smart cards by Microsoft are now supported in TPM.