Indeed Certificate Manager 4.0 supports virtual smart cards

Indeed Certificate Manager 4.0

The new Indeed Certificate Manager 4.0 features support of Indeed AirKey Certificate Manager virtual smart card. The latter implements all the functionality of physical smart cards in software mode, but does not require expenses on purchase and maintenance of cards and readers. Moreover, it provides for higher level of security than conventional tokens.

With Indeed AirKey Certificate Manager , all cryptographic operations are executed at the system server or in hardware HSM module. The encryption keys are not transmitted to the user PC. This eliminates the chance of interference with encryption and decryption processes by intruder or malicious software. Communication channels between all the system elements (server, user PC and/or smartphone) are encrypted using asymmetric algorithms of TLS protocol. Only ready to use result of cryptographic operation is sent to the user PC.

Due to Indeed AirKey Certificate Manager support, the new version of Indeed Card Management system makes it possible for the companies with deployed PKI infrastructure to reduce its maintenance costs, as well as to organize employees’ working activities more effectively by eliminating physical devices and capability of remote delivery of virtual smart cards to a user PC.