Indeed Certificate Manager 3.6

The new version of user certificate and smart card lifecycle management system – Indeed Certificate Manager – is now available. It makes routine smart card operations, such as bulk issue, management via Web API and unlock in login window, even more comfortable to use and functional.

The following elements have been added to bulk issue management interface:

  • Indication of successful issue of a card;
  • Functions of card issue suspension, continuation or stoppage;
  • Verification of user data to be printed on card immediately before the card issue.

The Web API used for integration to IDM (Identity Management) systems, allows for removal of “Smart card or USB token + PIN” authenticators, registered while issuing cards with integration to Indeed EA & ESSO enabled.

The new version of Indeed CM 3.6 client components makes it possible to use a dedicated Credential Provider to unlock smart cards and USB tokens connected to a workstation.
Initial setup of Indeed CM server has been simplified due to automatic configuration of web app authentication methods via setup wizard.
Besides, TLS protocol is enabled by default for all applications.