Indeed Certificate Manager 4.3 and Indeed AirKey Enterprise 1.5

In today’s article you’ll learn more about the new capabilities of two highly interconnected products – Indeed Certificate Manager 4.3 and Indeed AirKey Enterprise 1.5.

Some of the changes in Indeed Certificate Manager relate to integration with Microsoft CA Enterprise.  

Support of working with the Certificate Authority from outside the domain.

Now one server can simultaneously serve users from several independent domains with MS CA in each of them. The feature of matching user accounts with domains has also been implemented. Within one operation it allows issuing certificates for two domain accounts of one employee and recording the certificates to a device.

Ability to request and issue certificates on Microsoft CA Enterprise from user workstations located outside the domain.
Support of the custom pattern of the ‘Agent’s registration’ certificate

Indeed AirKey Enterprise has extended its functionality with the following features:

  1. Extended password policies. The following parameters can be set for AirKey Enterprise:
    1. Minimum length of a PIN code
    2. Maximum number of attempts to enter a PIN code
    3. PIN code history
    4. Maximum number of consistently repeated characters
    5. The inclusion of groups of characters:
      1. Numeral characters
      2. Uppercase characters
      3. Lowercase characters
      4. Special symbols
  2. Indeed AirKey Enterprise control desk has appeared in the client components.

All AirKey devices connected to the workstation are displayed there. In a control desk, one can add a new device by specifying its identifier (ID). It allows using AirKey outside of the enterprise network (it would be necessary to allow connection to Indeed AirKey Enterprise server from outside the network).

Ability to indicate the connection of AirKey devices has also been added to the Microsoft Windows notification area.