Indeed Access Manager and Indeed AM SSO: Release 6.2

 In a new release of Indeed Access Manager and Indeed AM SSO we have added an ability to assign an authentication method for the SSO-application and to reset an AD user’s password.

Defining the list of allowed authentication methods for SSO applications, role and target accounts.

Using such a function, SSO administrator can set what authentication method should be used to log into a specific application.

In a given example, access to “IBM Notes” application can be completed only by using biometrics (fingerprint). In the meantime, flexible settings enable to change the list of allowed authentication methods for each user account in “ IBM Notes ” application.

  • Resetting domain password with its simultaneous synchronization with Indeed AM system storage.

The function allows to forcibly change a user password to a random value. This scenario is in demand when, for instance, authentication in the OS is executed with the help of built-in tools by certificates and it is necessary to provide authentication by OTP in VPN/VDI/RDP/OWA etc without disclosure of the user’s domain password. Reset is made by Indeed Password Manager utility being a part of Indeed AdminPack administration tool.