Certification authority by cryptovision is now integrated with Indeed Certificate Manager

CAmelot, a certification authority developed by cv cryptovision GmbH, has been successfully integrated with Indeed Certificate Manager meant for PKI management. Now Indeed Certificate Manager – PKI management system – supports management of certificates issued by cryptovision’s CAmelot certification authority.

Together, the two integrated systems increase employees’ work efficiency. At the administrator’s request or upon the occurrence of certain events, Indeed CM automatically issues, revokes or suspends certificates in the CAmelot system. Indeed CM also notifies administrators and users about certificates’ expiry date and provides users with self-service to independently renew certificates.

Indeed Identity CEO Konstantin Krasovsky gave comments on the integration of Indeed CM and CAmelot:

cryptovision is a trusted and widely-known cybersecurity expert. That is why Indeed Identity deeply values the partnership with cryptovison and appreciates an opportunity to support CAmelot. The company’s solution is being used in large projects, including of national scale. In such cases, it is very important to have an effective system of certificate and smart cards management. Indeed Identity and cryptovision partnership enables customers to solve the hardest tasks of certificate and eID implementation and usage, by providing our clients with a ready-made PKI solution.