Where does PKI evolution go? – Interview with Nevenko Bartolinčić

There is currently much controversy over the PKI status in modern cybersecurity which raises a number of curious questions. What is the PKI role in digital transformation? When does the new era of cryptography start? We have collected these and other exciting and hot-topic questions about PKI now and future and addressed them to Nevenko […]


The New Normal of European PKI – An Interview With CA Expert Adam Ross

The roundtable «Evolution of Trust: Get ready for PKI 2.0» was about the most confusing, yet vital topics that remain puzzles to many cybersecurity experts. Has COVID-19 affected the PKI landscape? eIDAS and PKI: how do they correlate? What will bring the growing importance of public CAs? We interviewed Adam Ross, product and sales manager […]


Roundtable: Evolution of Trust. Get ready for PKI 2.0

In the digital era, PKI is one of the most effective technologies for authentication of users and devices that is used by worldwide companies for decades already. However, the PKI evolution does not keep pace with the growing needs of customers’ since legacy software and hardware are unable to address the newest challenges. And here […]


Webinar: 5 coolest features every access management software should have

What if you’ve had one tool for managing access of employees and customers? Or a tool providing strong and multi-factor authentication with additional functionality at hand? Indeed Access Manager can do both. 


Webinar: Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times

We are pleased to invite you to the online webinar “Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times.” prepared by RnTrust and Indeed Identity, the leading cybersecurity companies with wide expertise in the field of PKI and smart cards management.


Webinar: Conquering Cyber Threats in the New Normal

Welcome to the free online webinar “Conquering cyber threats in the new normal” prepared by Pointwest and Indeed Identity, leading companies with expertise in cybersecurity. In regard to the present-day events, the Philippines officials tighten massive lockdown. The number of remote working employees has significantly increased during the last months along with the number of […]


Webinar: passwordless authentication – trusted way to security

We are pleased to invite you to the online webinar “Passwordless authentication: trusted way to security” prepared by Pacific Tech and Indeed Identity, leading companies with the wide expertise in the field of information security.


Webinar: Indeed PAM – your simplest way to control privileged access like a pro

Privileged users whether they are business users, system administrators or contractors undoubtedly have the ability to make sweeping and fundamental changes to IT systems on which the business may depend. Ask any IT manager and he/she will agree with it. So how come that privilege misuse is still one of the 3 top-patterns most often […]


Webinar: digital certificate management that is in tune with the times. Only real-life scenarios.

The increasing number of companies, government agencies and independent analytics witness the growing gap between their requirements and inexcusably slow speed of PKI evolution. Tasks connected to digital certificates are evolving – but can these tasks be addressed in time?


Indeed Identity visits Black Hat Europe 2019

СTO of Indeed Identity, Mr Pavel Konyukhov, has visited one of the largest, most technical and relevant hacker conferences on information security in the world – Black Hat Europe 2019, which took place in London, UK, on 2nd – 5th December 2019.  The conference assembled professionals at all career levels from the field of information […]