Indeed PAM in KuppingerCole Executive View: a well designed and easy to deploy platform

Privileged management use cases now extend across entire organizations, with users requiring task-based and workflow access to data, services, and applications held on legacy systems and multi-cloud-based infrastructures. And, of course, admins still need to perform those traditional privileged tasks. This change explains why PAM software, in general, has developed in the last few years. […]


Interview: Slovenian Card Payment Processor about migrating from Microsoft CLM / FIM to Indeed CM

Slovenian card payment processor* as part of migration from Microsoft CLM / FIM (EOL) initiated the procedure of purchasing a Card Management System. After the implementation of the Indeed Certificate Manager we decided to ask them to share their experience and decision-making process. *The name of the client is not revealed due to the non-disclosure […]


Konstantin Krasovskij, Indeed Identity: PAM should be accessible for companies of any size

Hackers have always had itchy fingers to damage small to large-scale businesses, and with the COVID-19 pandemic still happening, the situation is getting worse. While the possibility to work from the comfort of your own home is praised by employees, it creates cybersecurity challenges for enterprises. Some of the most common threats that organizations can […]


Indeed CM 6.5: upscaled functionality for effortless PKI management

In the new version, we continue upscaling the Indeed Certificate Manager functionality. The new features will make it easier to manage your public key infrastructure. Please keep reading to learn more about the changes in Indeed CM 6.5. Setting up subject name and subject alternative name for a Microsoft CA certificate by making a relevant […]


From legacy to the new era – how migration to Indeed CM will heal your PKI pain

In today’s world of complex digital ecosystems, PKI management appears to be a strongly effective security system that is fastly evolving. The evolution creates the growing gap between the customers’ needs and legacy software unable to address the newest challenges.  On top of obvious information security risks, using obsolete or no longer supported software for […]


Indeed Identity and Cryptovision signed an official partnership agreement

At the beginning of December Konstantin Krasovskij, our EMEA Director, visited Trustech – a mix of trade show and conference, TRUSTECH showcases the latest hardware and technologies involved in the markets related to Payments, Identification and Security. This year the event was hosted in Paris, it brought together many great experts and leaders. Once again […]


Indeed PAM 2.6: modern response to potential threats

The Indeed PAM software suite has been updated to Version 2.6. The release includes a lot of improvements and a number of new features that make activity log analysis easier and improve account management. Text record search across all sessions The updated text log search feature allows you to quickly find entered commands. The search […]


Building Mindset for Privileged Account Management

For most companies PAM is something that is associated with creating borders or limitations. Often organizations are forced to implement PAM due to the legal regulations and do not see it as an investment but rather consider cybersecurity as a cost center. Moreover, most employees think of it as another layer of control and make […]


Indeed Identity presentation about PAM implementation mindset on the Expert Stage at EIC2021

Our EMEA Director, Konstantin Krasovskij presented on the Expert Stage at EIC2021. Konstantin discussed the importance of building a new mindset on PAM implementation and gave some tips on how to bring a resilient cybersecurity future of your organization closer. Every year the European Identity and Cloud Conference brings together cybersecurity and digitalisation experts and […]


Video: “PAM is a key driver to have a compliant and secure environment”

The growing importance of implementing privileged access management at the corporate level is noted by leading cybersecurity analytics. They mention that “by 2024, organizations that use privileged task automation features will experience 70% fewer breaches than those that don’t.” The question of whether to have PAM in place is solved. If you want to have […]