Indeed Airkey Cloud

The cloud platform supported digital signature, strong authentication and delivery of encrypted messages to the user’s smartphone.

The main tasks to be solved

Indeed AirKey Cloud platform provides the target systems with Web API for the following cryptographic operations:

  • digital signature in the cloud with the non-exportable private key stored in the user's smartphone
  • strong authentication based on the digital certificates that are used in the Web environment
  • delivery of encrypted and signed notifications to the user's smartphone

Indeed AirKey Cloud architecture allows to use the platform in various Web-designed systems:

  • the remote banking system
  • electronic documents circulation
  • business applications
  • E-commerce


The generation of the non-exported private keys takes place within the user's smartphone. The cryptographic keys do not leave the smartphone and are not transfered to the cloud. Combination of PIN, Touch ID, Keychain and Jailbreak Detection technologies saves the keys from unauthorized access.

Indeed AirKey Cloud supports various cryptographic algorithms:

  • RSA
  • SHA-1
  • AES
  • GOST R 34.10-2001
  • GOST R 34.11-94
  • GOST 28147-89

Indeed AirKey Cloud advantages

  • There are no expenses on purchase, support and replacement of plastic smartcards, readers and USB tokens.
  • Unlike the traditional smartcard, the smartphone is a personal device that is not left behind at the office, not handed over to colleagues, not lent for a leave.
  • Unlike common cloud digital signature technologies, Indeed AirKey Cloud stores non-exported certificate keys in the memory of the smartphone, where they never leave from. So the user is the owner of his or her certificate keys.
  • It has both a user friendly graphical interface and conventional gesture controls.
  • Displaying the data before their digital signature.
  • Users do not need to install drivers, runtime libraries or the browse plugins.
  • The digital signature transactions are available for a tablet and other mobile devices.
  • The user push notifications are available. Indeed AirKey Cloud provides confirmation of the transactions while running, as a response to the request from an informational system or from another user.

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