Indeed AirKey Enterprise

A software smart card that supports any operations available for hardware-based

The main tasks to be solved

Indeed AirKey Enterprise emulates a physical smart card’s behavior completely and supports any operations available for that one:

  • a digital signature of documents
  • the data encryption and decryption
  • two-factor user authentication
  • operations execution according to PKCS#11 and Microsoft CryptoAPI
  • provision of access in Signle Sign-On mode

Supported cryptographic algorithms

  • RSA
  • SHA-1
  • AES
  • GOST Р 34.10-2001
  • GOST Р 34.11-94
  • GOST 28147-89

Indeed AirKey Enterprise advantages

  • The virtual smart card does not require any hardware-based component. Thus, there are no expenses on purchase, support and replacement of plastic smartcards, readers and USB tokens.
  • Unlike the traditional smartcard, the virtual smart card can not be left behind at the office, not handed over to colleagues, not lent for a leave.
  • Hardware-based smart card is replaced with the storage of keys and digital certificates on a server. All cryptographic operations are executed on the server. A private key is not stored on a client and so can not be compromised by any malware or a malicious person.
  • Logging and auditing of any action involving the virtual smart card are avaliable. Information security engineers have full control over them. The virtual smart card can be instantly disabled if necessary.
  • The virtual smart card does not require delivery to a user. An administrator issues Indeed AirKey Enterprise smart card at his or her workplace. The smart card becomes avaliable for the user right away. So the user does not have a necessity to recieve the device from the administrator himself.

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