Indeed AirKey Enterprise

A software smart card that supports any operations available for hardware-based

Indeed AirKey Enterprise components

  • Indeed AK Enterprise Server
  • Indeed AK Enterprise Client
  • The management system

Indeed AirKey Enterprise component scheme

Indeed AK Enterprise Server

This is the core component of Indeed AirKey Enterprise that provides the following features:

  • key pair generation for issuing digital certificates
  • safe storing of private keys
  • connection of the virtual smart card to the user’s workplace
  • execution of cryptographic operations (a digital signature, a data encryption)
  • disabling and removing of the virtual smart card
  • the user authentication by means of the virtual smart card with PIN code

Indeed AK Enterprise Client

This is the client side software installed to a user workstation. The component implements the virtual smart card interface and provides an availability of the card for the operating system and applications.

The management system

This is an administration tool for Indeed AirKey Enterprise infrastructure management. The management system is based on Indeed Card Management system designed for the smart cards and user’s certificates lifecycle management. Indeed Card Management system allows the administrator to perform any actions involving the virtual smart card: issuing cards to users, generation of requests for digital certificates, writing certificates onto the virtual smart card, disabling, revoking and unlocking of the smart card.

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